don’t stay with us, Mary
friends are out of style
we’re the chain parade
we will walk you down the aisle

never say your sorry
truth is versatile
we’re the gold blockade
we enslave you with a smile

raging static in your mind
this dramatic is divine
censors working overtime

catwalks on the moon
we’re the masquerade
you will meet our maker soon

grace us with a steady
disregard in tune
choke a serenade
with a plastic silver spoon

and a ghost on the train of this dead wreck song

fame is desecrated
with polite decline
we got our soul on the cruise control with the name of a ticket home this time

fate just complicates it
silence as a sign
we’re on a date with an interstate where the road is a part of the highway rhyme

raging static in your mind
charismatic is a crime
waste your metal on mankind

we will wait in the rain with fake jazz nickname

we will save your mind
we call apathy design
you’ll be blessed by seven roses on your way home